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1. Avoid a career stall  

BY Beth A. Berk, CPA, CGMA
Many CPAs set career goals that include attaining a specific title or role, such as partner or CFO. But what happens if you get stuck—say, in middle management—along the way? Here are steps you can take to get your career moving ahead: Perform an annual career checkup. CPAs, whether in public accounting or business and industry, can get stuck due to issues in three main areas: skills (technical, education, soft skills), lifestyle choices (location, work/life balance), and awareness (knowing your strengths and weaknesses, fitting into your team’s culture).

2. The leading edge: Tips from the AICPA Leadership Academy  

BY Dan Griffiths, CPA, CGMA
The profession is hungry for young leaders. With Baby Boomers retiring in record numbers, a wealth of opportunities are available to young CPAs who can exercise leadership. Leadership has many definitions, but I define it as the capacity to influence human thought, emotion, and behavior, starting with my own.

3. Critical skills needed for finance to cut through complexity   WebExclusive

BY Ken Tysiac and Jack Hagel
The roles of finance professionals are expanding at a fast pace in a constantly changing global economic environment, new AICPA research shows, creating an urgent need for accounting and finance professionals to grow their skills. An overwhelming majority (85%) of CPAs who participated in a recent survey said the role of the CFO and the finance function has expanded moderately or significantly in their organization.

4. FAQs for the CGMA exam  

BY Neil Amato
The Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) exam is a scenario-based test of management accounting competencies. The exam is a requirement for the CGMA designation among members of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and starting in 2015 it will be a requirement for AICPA members who intend to obtain the designation.The competencies at issue have been adapted from conversations with employers around the world about what they expect from their finance staff.

5. AICPA task force advocates for new strategies in professional development   WebExclusive

BY Ken Tysiac
A task force convened to spark innovation in professional development for CPAs unveiled recommendations Monday in four areas. The AICPA Task Force on the Future of Learning, a broad group of public accounting firm leaders, industry CPAs, leaders from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, regulators, association leaders, and educators, spent the past year discussing major trends in education, reviewing promising innovations, and determining which changes might best apply to CPA professional development.The task force’s recommendations are centered around these main themes:Innovate and Experiment.

6. How to make a splash in consulting in career’s final act   WebExclusive

BY Ken Tysiac
In an uncertain economy, many CFOs are eyeing consulting as a possible career path as they approach retirement.It’s a path Thomas Rhine, CPA, CGMA, is glad he followed after spending years as a senior finance officer in the higher education industry.“The transition, for me, it felt like a custom-measured glove,” Rhine said in an interview.Three-fourths of more than 2,100 U.S.

7. Meeting the challenge of the young and the restless  

BY Jack Hagel
While it’s difficult to paint an entire generation in general terms, older managers in the workplace admittedly face obstacles in guiding Millennials. The group also known as Generation Y grew up with cellphones in their hands and Wi-Fi on every corner. They’re accustomed to immediate, regular conversation, even if that feedback is by text message.

8. Raising rainmakers  

BY Lynne Waymon, André Alphonso and Pamela Bradley
After years of intense technical training, many CPAs find it difficult to turn their attention to the new role of cultivating clients and attracting referrals. Firms can put strategies in place that teach up-and-coming talent how to look beyond a compliance mindset and uncover the strategic opportunities that lead to new business.

9. The Brazilian way  

BY Sabine Vollmer and Samantha White
Brazil dialed back its economic growth in the past three years partly to contain its inflation risk, but the world’s fifth-largest country by population and square miles remained a top global investment destination. Brazil ranked fourth in foreign direct investments received in the past 24 months, behind the United States, China, and the United Kingdom, and economic activity is expected to get a boost as Brazil hosts the World Cup in men’s soccer from June 12 to July 13 and the Olympic Games in 2016.Businesses that expand into Brazil are likely to encounter the many faces of

10. How to speed the path to partner  

BY Chris Baysden
Mark Jain, CPA, was making his way through customs at San Francisco International Airport on a Friday afternoon in July 2012 when he discovered that someone had left him a voicemail. Jain, en route back from a business trip to Hong Kong, soon realized this was no ordinary message: The head of his practice at Ernst & Young LLP wanted to talk to him.With travel-weary passengers streaming around him, Jain quickly dialed New York.
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