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April 2013
From "write-up" to right profitable
"Write-up" was for decades a low-margin activity that accounting firms provided only if they had a big tax client that wanted help with its bookkeeping. It might seem strange then to hear that client accounting services (CAS) is being touted by some as the future of public accounting. How could write-up become the right stuff? The explanation starts with radical changes in technology and market demand.
Microsoft Office 2013
The newest version of Microsoft’s ubiquitous Office suite features a new, touchscreen friendly look, deep connections with the cloud, and pricing packages designed to push consumers to a subscription-based model. More impressively, the updated edition features a multitude of enhancements that improve the performance of virtually all the Office applications, especially Excel.
Charting a course for the business isn’t enough. In the era of big data, finance executives are charged with determining whether the strategy is creating the proper results.
The new SEC conflict minerals regulation is causing U.S. manufacturers to search deep in their supply chains to ascertain whether the gold, tantalum, tin, and tungsten they use originate at mines run by warlords in Africa. Tracing raw materials through a web of thousands of suppliers is a daunting task, but industry organizations are developing tactics to make the process easier.
A firm may decide that an individual with a conviction for any criminal offense is ineligible for employment by the firm, in any position. However, not all crimes are considered equal in the eyes of the U.S. judicial system.
This article reviews five products that help make tagged data work for you and your clients—and could save your organization plenty of time.
Marital estate division offers challenges and opportunities for advisers.
What are the hottest technology trends and topics in the accounting profession? What are the most serious cybersecurity threats, and how can CPAs best protect their critical applications, data, and hardware from hackers? How is technology changing the accounting marketplace, and what should CPAs be doing to adjust? Find out in a Q&A session with three of the top tech gurus in the accounting field.



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